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February 2021 News & Events

We’re two months deep into the new year, powering ahead into 2021 and enjoying the hot Summer months.
January kicked off with a flurry of club events, PCC hosting the first round of the Paul Crispe motorkhana series in Drury. A very full motorsport calendar is scheduled ahead and it’s likely there will be an event on every weekend for whatever may hold your fancy.
Contrary to getting out and amongst it, the gloomy cloud of Covid has again cast shadows on the landscape, a recent community case announced cause for growing concern. Auckland’s tough measures of level 3 quarantine seems exhaustive, but such measures needed to keep this malady at bay.
Stay strong, stay safe. Like a great endurance race, the terrain will be tough, the battle hard, way out in the distance, on the horizon lies victory. A trophy, a chocolate fish, a Covid free zone…

Events – 2020 Results

2021 Paul Crispe Summer Series has started, a great turnout, cars in paddocks pirouetting cones, the absolute best! Drury’s round showcased a variation of tight courses with a paddock still waiting to be bailed in hay. The weather god’s blessing us with whipping winds and the occasional shower keeping the dust down and cooling competitors. Clevedon’s round had open spaces but spongy, dry underfoot & very confused Hyland cattle wondering what the heck was going on.
We have an exciting new venue ready to be unveiled in March, the first autocross for the series.

This series has really developed with a good following and attendance. Motorkhanas are an affordable way to get into motorsportsport, great for those refining their skills and perfect for those learning to drive. Some rounds being secured closer to the time, thanks for the perseverance, we really enjoy seeing you at each event we run.

                                               Series Rounds:
                           Round 1  23rd January – Drury
                           Round 2  6th February – Clevedon
                           Round 3  6th March – Drury, autocross
                           Round 4  10th April – tbc
                           Round 5  8th May – tbc

Motorkhana Gallery Drury Jan 23rd

Motorkhana Gallery Clevedon Feb 6th


Hillclimb at Jack’s Ridge, yes please!
Tight and technical, cambered sweeping corners, crests and yumps, this course had it all. Spectators dotted the skyline watching competitors navigate this exceptional course forming the 5th round of the Interclub Hillclimb Series. A big thank you to the Hawkeswood family for use of this premium venue. Sign me up, when’s the next one??

Jack’s Ridge Event Gallery



6 rounds in the pipeline, a new sponsor, a drivers and co-drivers championship and the return of some of our favorite roads. The Northern Rallysprint Series welcomes CPS as a new primary sponsor, Suspension Tech again supporting the co-drivers championship.

The 2020 prizegiving was held on 12th February at SACC. A informal evening celebrating winners of the 2020 championship. It was great to see all whom attended and get to sneak it in just as the new series starts.                                                                                                                                                                                   The 2021 rounds are set as follows:

Round 1  28th Feb SACC Maramarua Forest (Forms part of the James Allen Rallysprint)
  Round 2 14th Mar PCC Bothwell Loop
    Round 3 9th May TVCC Piakonui Road
                    Round 4  26th June HCMC Komokiriki Hill Road (21st Feb event unable to run)
    Round 5  22nd Aug HCC Hoddle Road
Round 6  MBOP round tba

Northern Rallysprint Series – 2020 Results

One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure. When your goal and dream is to be the fastest man in New Zealand setting a new Land Speed record, One Man’s Trash really is another Man’s Treasure. When you don’t have much money and your will is, never to quit at any cost, that gut determination grows stronger by the day to succeed. Trash 2 Dash is a journey following Sargent Dean Hart over six years as he builds a Jet powered car basically out of second-hand parts to achieve that dream of being New Zealand’s fastest man. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, where failure is not an option. Triumph and success, against the calculated odds, is lesson for all of never quitting to fulfil your dreams in Trash 2 Dash.

Check Screening Times Here


As MotorSport New Zealand continues to evolve and develop in this ever-changing world, the Board of MotorSport New Zealand has started the proce

ss of reviewing the current 2017-2020 Strategic Plan under which the organisation operates. With COVID-19, the Board took the decision to extend the time period through until 2021.

As we begin the process of creating a new Strategic Plan for 2021-2026 we would like your help and input in setting the course. We are wanting to craft our plan to meet not only the current but also future needs of our sport as it evolves with new technology, environmental challenges and social changes to ensure we best serve the New Zealand motorsport community and our stakeholders.

We are contacting all of our member clubs and key stakeholders and inviting submissions of ideas and provide the opportunity to have some input into the creation of this plan. I ask that you please share my email and the links below with appropriate members of your club or organisation to consider sending us input into this process. We welcome input from your club and those you represent.

If you are unaware of the current 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and its contents, it can be viewed on the MotorSport New Zealand website.

Input and comments can be made by completing the online form which can be accessed by the following link: 2021 Strategic Plan Submissions. Here you will be able to include comments and upload any additional reference material as well.

ALL comments will be considered by the MotorSport New Zealand Board with a goal to present a draft document at the 74th MotorSport New Zealand AGM, so to enable us to do this we will require your comments by 8 March 2021.

We would like to thank you in advance for your input and assistance in this important undertaking. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Elton Goonan  |  Acting CEO
Mobile: +64 27 367 6852
E-mail: elton@motorsport.org.nz

2021 Strategic Plan Submissions

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