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October News

Auckland is still sitting in level 3 and it feels like a a tough ride so far. Covid 19 flow on effects are hitting hard as we weave through unchartered territory. Headliner events scheduled leading up into Xmas, now postponed.. 
Its to no surprise though event postponements are coming quick and fast. Such extreme times warrant extreme measures.   

Our events postponed but not cancelled.  2022, they say, will be a fine year for racing – the 2022 calendar is lining up to be a good one! 

In the mean time, sit tight and wait patiently for the green light. 

Well how is everyone coping with this extended lockdown? I know the loosening of the restrictions has helped somewhat for our mental health.  Craig and I along with many other’s made the most of an absolutely stunning Saturday afternoon the other weekend taking the Stratos out for a blat, along with many others having the same idea. 
Unfortunately Friday’s announcement has confirmed the committee have made the right call to cancel Speed Weekend for this year.  We were already struggling to do residents visits under the current lockdown rules and with the extra uncertainty of when we may be allowed to have events again it was decided it better to pull the pin before more expenses were incurred.  The work that has already been done can be used for our event in February where we will hopefully be holding a round of the Hillclimb Championship.
In the last newsletter we said we would try for an AGM in November, obviously that won’t be happening and by the looks of things we won’t be able to get one in before the end of this year.  The accounts have all been finalised, we are looking in pretty good shape all things considered, and we will put them up on the website if you are interested in having a look. 
I know it’s going to be pretty hard seeing our facebook feeds being filled with so many lucky to be out and about racing over the next few weeks but hopefully it will be our time soon!!
Until then with case numbers on the rise I hope you all stay safe and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cheers Suzie

The AGM is now officially postponed for 2021.

It had been differed to Nov 3rd however due to the current Covid 19 situation & restrictions, we are not able to hold an ‘in person’ AGM meeting. The Clubs structure & committee will remain;

President: Noel Miller 
Vice President: Suzie Tickle 
Secretary: Nikki Sim 
Treasurer: Frances Best 
Club Captain: Ross Unkovich 
Committee Members: Brian Best, Craig Tickle, Wayne, Sim, Mike Wheatley, Anthony Dunk 

The club financials are available HERE for review.
We encourage members to put forward any comments or feedback in lieu of having an AGM meeting, please send through to the Club Secretary. 


POSTPONED to 19th & 20th February 2022

Speed Weekend preparations were well underway, however due to the alert level 3 restrictions, we will not be able to run the event. 
 Resident visits cannot be completed, Council permits cannot be issued & MSNZ will not be issuing event permits in level 3. 

The committee have made the decision to postpone the event & reschedule for the 19th & 20th February 2022, a blanket date already set aside.  There have also been preparations to combine this event as a round of the MSNZ Hillclimb Championships.

Thanks to the committee for the preparation work so far.  
It’s a great two days racing & we look forward to getting out there again soon. 

The committee were hopeful to bring you another round of autocross tarmac on Dec 11th but this has also fallen victim to a postponement.

The venue are keen to have us back which is great to hear. It’s a great new venue & we look forward to getting back there again soon. 

Congratulations to
2021 CPS Northern Rallysprint Series

Ben Thomasen 1st

Charlie Evans 2nd
Mike Goldsbury 3rd 

The series was cut short this year by Covid 19 leaving competitors missing out on Hoddle Road for a second year in a row.  
There have been some noticeable competitor absences in 2021 field, the field still strong though & some great battles have endured.

A prizegiving date was sought for Nov 5th, but again with the current level 3 restrictions we are simply not allowed such gatherings. The organizer’s will look to hold a prizegiving when able to, to celebrate the 2021 series winners. 

A big thank you to all competitors, officials, volunteers & spectators for another good years racing!  

2021 CPS Overall Drivers Points – CPS Northern Rally Sprint Series (nrss.co.nz)

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