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December News

The year has roared by and now we are charging on the home stretch to Xmas.
All in all, it’s been a prosperous year of events and racing. We’ve had to dig a little deeper in the pockets to fund the hobbies sure, the events pool shimmered with so many events this year – the biggest choice was WHICH EVENT TO DO…

Suzie just reminded me today, there are only 52 weekends in a year, so naturally we’ll have some double ups of events at times. 
Organizers push hard all year to prepare key events for members, to the mercy of Mother Nature sometimes and her preference of weather conditions on race day.

Pukekohe Car Club celebrated its 60th Anniversary on Sat 26th Nov, hurrah! It was an excellent day spent in recognition of our humble Club and where we are 60 years on from its inception. With all the history that flows through the clubroom doors, we’d like to keep tracking strong into the future.

Ho ho ho & a hum hum hum hum, last big question of the year – will you be on Santa’s naughty list or nice list??

Take care, take it easy, and we look forward to racing with you in 2023!


Limited edition 60th anniversary polishing cloth and keyring

$10 for cloth or keyring
$15 for both or 2 of

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I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner, no it can’t be I’m not ready!!!

It’s been a bit of a whirl wind these last few months that’s for sure.

We managed to successfully run speed weekend back out at the Port this year giving Craig and Wayne a chance to test their skills as Clerks of the Course.  With a small field our Saturday’s tarmac event saw everyone do 6 runs and those that wanted a further seventh run and still finishing by 3:00pm.  It was great to see everyone hang around for prizegiving sharing a beer and some banter. Sunday threatened to be wet but we were fortunate that it cleared and we had another great day.  I will say the body and mind was a tad fried after the weekend, we aren’t as young as we used to be.

I’d like to thank all those that came out to help I know it’s a fair way for some of you but it is much appreciated, especially those doing both days, legends the lot of you!!

But we didn’t stop there, two weeks later it was time for the club’s 60th anniversary and to celebrate it we held a show and shine and for some a fun Motorkhana, and of course the cake was not a lie!

The weather leading up to the weekend was not great with rain on and off all week.  Saturday cleared but the paddocks were a tad wet and boggy in places.  Wayne did his best to find the driest spots for the courses and we set out with some of our youngest and oldest members giving it a go.  I did the demonstration runs in the old BMW 2002 as I wasn’t sure I wanted to get the Stratos dirty after making her spotless for the show and shine and with the old girl not the easiest to get around the courses with the quick box and no power steering I was definitely not going to do my competition runs in her.  After doing the timing for a while and seeing everyone having so much fun I thought stuff it, I’ll go and get the Stratos and have a whirl.

After hearing all the stories about how easily they are to spin and try and kill you, I was really nervous on how I was going to go expecting I’d probably be doing more 360 degree circles than going straight forward as I haven’t done one of these events for probably 10 years.  Noel jumped in the car with me to give me some pointers on how to handle her as I’ve only ever driven her on tarmac.  His encouragement on when to give her some power and lift off had me flicking her around the course and having an absolute blast, the grin on my face was from ear to ear, I was hooked.  She pleasantly surprised me with just how easy she is to drive and not one 360!!!  I will admit I may have gotten bogged at one point but I did manage to extricate myself without having to be rescued thanks to the advice from Colin (another new skill acquired!!).

It was such a fun low key day with a wee bit of car swapping going on, a great way to try out different vehicles to see how they handle.  Steve managed to talk me into giving the Sunny a go with every piece of cushion/padding available he had me propped up and just able to reach the peddles.  I will admit I was surprised at how it went with a total newb behind the wheel.  Special thanks to Andrew So for letting so many of the younger members have a go in his Mx5 giving them a taste of a rear wheel drive car.

To everyone who came along and shared a story and banter to celebrate the clubs history thank you, it was great to see so many old faces enjoying themselves.

Moving forward we are on track for Murray Road in February and of course Bothwell Loop in March with road closures in and safety plans just about finalised.  

2023 looks like it’s going to be a busy year so I hope you all have a great holiday sprucing up or making those long awaited changes to your cars.  Here’s hoping your Christmas stocking is filled with all the parts required.

Until next year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and safe travels if you are heading away.

Cheers, Suzie.

I’ve been with the Club for about a decade now and enjoy every year more than the last. Weekend’s at the Port running Speed Weekend are usually the highlight, hard slog setting up and running the event winds down to an evening spent with the team laughing and telling stories into the night, only to wake up for another hard yakka day to wrap up the weekend. It feels good when it’s a job well done. 

I fumble through and create newsletters to keep information flowing. Drafting is usually late at night or in between the full time job, lately it’s with a new baby sleeping close by while my 6 yr old is tearing round pretending to be rally car. It’s inconsistent at times, but just like NZ Post, it gets there eventually. It can be like a PTA newsletter or finding trinkets in a thrift shop, informative, random and varied. You, the readers, can add anything in you like by simply firing info to


The committee and members are like old mates you share good times with. We all work pretty hard to get things on the go, we won’t elude as to how many hours we spend on what we do but it’s enough to warrant paying back ‘brownie points’ at home. I’m gonna play the girl card and admit I can’t talk informatively about engines, or mechanicals or what’s under ‘the hood’ because I’m a rookie apprentice and do what I’m told by Dad so my car has 4 x wheels on and goes on race day – which admittedly @@**%%$** at times it doesn’t.

I’d quit my job in a heartbeat to rally drive full time (sorry work). I advocate for rally driving whenever I can because basically it’s freakin cool! It’s a community of people, it’s a skill or skills to hone in on and it’s a competitive sport that is more than worthy of recognition in the motoring scene.

I’m on the committee, I help run events, I write about club stuff, I am a co-driver (on anti-nausea tablets) but what I really like is being behind the steering wheel, flexing the go pedal, race face on. My mates are now my competitors and having moments along the way spurs me to keep pushing hard, to keep on the driving line and learning to dance my car just the way I like it. 

Support the club, get your kids into it, be part of a community that helps bring people together. It’s done wonders for me and as an added bonus, I’ve got to meet some really cool people along the way while I pull tight the race belts, wipe away the bead of sweat resting on my forehead and prepare to race. 

Over and out, Nikki 


60th anniversary celebrations were in swing at the Clubrooms on Saturday 26th November.

The clubs refreshed sparkplug logo standing loud and proud, a new gate lay open to the paddock where a great layout of cars lined the fence for the show and shine part of the day. Some seriously cool cars too!

‘Flatten the grass’ they said in the morning for the show and shine, ‘sure thing’ a couple of helpers gladly testing paddock traction. Further afield, motorkhana courses were laid out, meticulously as Wayne sees it.

It was very swampy, but beggars can’t be choosers, so creativity sparked variable layouts.


Members lulled in the afternoon heat on the deck, kids climbed trees, the old BBQ chugged away, sausages for everyone. People flowed in, I was in awe on the line-up of cars for display, Graeme Cockerill’s car collection is next level. Thank you to all who came along with their cars, a great way to celebrate the club, it’s people and their cars.

There were some special cars too, Rodney Atchison’s VW Beetle proudly displaying his past NZ Hillclimb Championship accolades. The participants of the motorkhana’s clearly didn’t mind the end state of their cars, they were out there having the best time. Even Suzie & Craig Tickle’s Statos got put through the paces. My gawd, the aftermath of Pukekohe low lying paddock bog sprayed, splattered and plastered on exteriors made me look twice but cemented the fun members had.

Am I seeing right here….? Who’s driving the Sunny…?

The Callaghan Dad and lad battle continued right into the Clubrooms results check, Quinn taking out honors, congratulations Quinn.

It was quite special meeting Noeline & David Pilkington at the cake cutting, Noeline a past Club secretary for many years.

Also, meeting Graham Hamilton who brought along his pristine Chevron Lotus 7 Replica and a picture of him winning the Doug Honor Speed Cup sitting on his 1961 Hillman Minx. The cup is still sitting proud in the clubrooms today. 

Noel Miller entertained the crowd running through the motorkhana results and reminiscing on the club’s history. Members were picked to speak, and good yarns ensued.

It was a great turnout and really nice to see everyone.

It’s been a good 60 years. There’s a strong history that flows through the clubroom doors and we look forward to taking it well into the future.


We know how well liked this road is, it’s been rested for a while and now its time to return. Hill climbing at it’s best, 2km in length, initially quite steep and flowing with some tighter corners towards the end. The end hairpin right is daunting if you’ve seen how far down it is beyond the corners edge, the camber is just right though for drivers to throw her in.


Sunday 19th Feb 23′, put it in your dairies.

More info to come closer to the event.


A round of the 23′ Northern Rallysprint Series as well as the opening round of the newly formed North Island Rally Series, its road characteristics are familiar, but wait, are they?

Enquiries are in with Council to see if we can run this iconic road in reverse to see how well drivers really know the road.

Sunday 19th March 23′ keep posted.

An all new rally series will be hitting North Island stages near you next year as the Winmax Brake Pads North Island Rally Series (NIRS) has now officially been launched.

The five-round series planned for 2023 is aimed at club and regional level rally crews and will fill a gap in the competition ladder that has existed for several years.

Series coordinator Marty Roestenburg says the series is aimed at the lower and middle levels of cost and time commitments for both rally competitors and organisers.

“The northern and central region rallysprint series continue to be very successful as an entry level to rallying and there are well established NZ Rally Championship (NZRC) events in the North Island,” says Roestenburg.

“What has been missing in recent years has been the regional level of competition that had been provided by the former Top Half Rally Series and the Central Region Rally Series.

“The support shown for the Mainland Rally Championship in the South Island has encouraged us to create something similar for North Island crews.

“We’ve got keen and talented rally competitors who want to progress from what the rallysprint events are offering. However, the step up in the cost and time demands of an NZRC campaign is beyond the resources for many of these competitors.

“Our calendar gives competitors a taste of everything – classic gravel public roads, the best tarmac stages in New Zealand and some fast forest roads,” Roestenburg says.

Further variety in the competition will be provided by a mixture of events contested with, and without safety notes.

“Marty and his team have done a fantastic job organising a new initiative that can only support rallying’s growth in New Zealand. It will be great to see competitors from across the regions competing for the inaugural title. 


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all of the people who take time to help out the Club in various aspects.
You are the superstars behind the scenes that allow the drivers to rock up and compete at events which run like a well-oiled machine. 

Huge appreciation to you all who come from far and wide. 
We may not say it enough but a massive thank you – you know who you are!

I LOVE this magazine and have years’ worth in my library, just a handful I grabbed in this picture.

It’s relative to what we do, what we love. For a time, it was a bucket list item to get in that magazine. 

Why was this not supported more is beyond me but I would like to acknowledge Jason Byrne in what has been an excellent read and a perfect edition to any coffee table.

We’re really sad to see it go Jase 🙁

What does a red, blue, green, white or even pink grease tell you about that grease? Does it imply certain types or additives? Different levels of quality or cost? These are all common questions, and they can all be answered in one word: no. Or, more specifically: not necessarily. You see, red grease, while it may imply high temperature grease, such as Badass High Temperature Red Grease from a supplier. But another supplier offering a different brand of grease might also have a red grease with a completely different purpose, formulation and additive package.

The Colour is a Clue, Not an Identifier

Grease manufacturers use colorants simply to help facilitate the identification of greases and to make them more appealing, as opposed to just brown or black. One benefit of a grease with a distinctive colour is that it can help users spot an incorrect grease if, for example, a certain colour of grease emerges from a grease gun when another colour of grease was expected. This can be a helpful indicator, but grease colour alone should never be used to identify a grease (unless you are certain that only one particular grease of a certain colour is used in your facility).
The table below shows how a particular grease colour may refer to several different types of grease, especially among lithium-complex greases.

What Grease Colour Can Tell

The colour of grease can also provide some indication of its overall quality—not that red grease is always higher quality than black grease, but if your grease that started out red begins to look darker and darker until it turns black, its colour is telling you something about the grease’s current quality: degraded.

Degraded Grease Changes Colour

As grease degrades and becomes contaminated, it usually will begin to darken. This darkening, which can be more noticeable when compared to new grease, may be a sign that the grease has reached a condemning limit. Although it should not be surprising that grease darkens, the rate at which it darkens is the important factor.

Mixed Grease (May) Change Colour

Besides grease darkening due to operating and environmental conditions, a shift in colour could be a sign that the grease has mixed with a different type of grease unintentionally. If this occurs, immediate action should be taken to determine how and why this has happened. Careless greasing with the wrong grease is more common than most people realize, and the effects of grease mixing are very bad for machine reliability and grease performance.

A quick solution would be to use different types of fittings for various types of grease, such as normal fittings for stand-alone bearings and button-head fittings for electric motor bearings. Another option would be to leave a dollop of grease remaining on the grease fitting to indicate the appropriate colour. But remember, this method should be used only when there is a single type of grease at the facility with that particular colour. The grease type and colour should also be marked clearly on the grease gun.

The Bottom Line on Grease Colour

Remember, while the colour of grease may have the potential to provide quality information, it is only intended as a branding to indicate the type of grease (usually by thickener type.) However, keep in mind that no grease colour is guaranteed to specify a particular thickener type even within a single grease supplier or manufacturer’s offerings.

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