We Play in the Waikato


Waikato offers a unique blend of challenging terrain, scenic beauty, technical challenges, community support, and championship-level competition. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual spectator, rallying in the Waikato is an experience not to be missed.

With stunning views of rolling hills, lush forests, and sparkling rivers, the region’s natural beauty adds an extra dimension to the rally experience, making it a feast for the eyes as well as the adrenaline.

Rallying in the Waikato region of New Zealand offers a unique and thrilling experience for drivers and spectators alike. The Waikato region, known for its diverse landscape and challenging terrain, provides an ideal backdrop for rally events.

Round 2, Northern Rally Sprint Series

Pukekohe Car Clubs annual rally sprint held at Bothwell Loop in the Glen Murray area on Sunday 17th March delivered high adrenaline, gravel rally competition to the 41 strong field.

Running north to south, the alternating direction of this road keeps competing teams sharp, the challenge level dialled right up, no matter the direction the stage is run. Mike Young was present in his AP4 Toyota Yaris, challenging series favourite Phil Campbell in his Ford Fiesta R5, in a tit-for-tat battle that went right to the final run.

The PCC team were pretty focussed on delivering a finely tuned schedule for the day. First and foremost, the day starting with a moment of silence, paying tribute to our friends following the tragedy at Arcadia Road.

Once going, and after blowing out the cobwebs in run 1, teams got stuck in for the rest of the day. Mechanical withdrawals and car sickness notching off some of the competition, the overall and class standings still playing out strong.

The day ran smoothly throughout the runs, the Autumn weather proving solace to the gravel specialists.

Community spirit was strong, a local playgroup getting in behind the event, ensuring teams and volunteers were well fed. Local support, a huge part of the success of Pukekohe Car Club run events.

Local club favourites were in their element and all competitors enjoyed the unique dynamic this roads offers.

As part of a knock-out-round structure, the final run off determines the fastest from top two in each class. Disappoint it did not, Mike Young just taking out the win to round off top of the overall podium to Phil Campbell, Zeal Jones and Carlin Leong nipping away to take out respective 3rd and 4th placings.

Prizegiving sealed the deal, the humble gathering meeting at the service park hall enjoying refreshments while placings were awarded. PCC members would like to thank hard working volunteers and competing crews for attendance in one of the highlight events in the clubs annual calendar.

Photo credits, Alex Stewart and Noah Hutchinson.

Presidents Ramble

Whew- Bothwell Loop Rally Sprint is done and dusted! After the tragedy at Arcadia Rd, there was a lot of reflection going on around the country, and no different for the Pukekohe Car Club team leading up to our event, as it was basically next event to happen.

We all know that there are risks – as there in nearly all sports- with daughter Emily that drives and races IRB’s for her lifesaving club, and Anthony getting into the co driver’s seat of a rally car- I fully understand that. However, seeing the grins on their faces as they “full send” is gold. As a mother, there are nervous times, but at least they are doing it in controlled situations, and it makes great watching! And they are doing what they love.

The decision to go ahead with Bothwell Loop was the right one- we all needed to get back to the sport we all love and make it work.

The team did a fabulous job of pulling it together, including the change in Service area. Visiting and connecting with the residents both on the road and surrounding areas had already been done and all were good for the road closure.

Having that buy in with the locals is huge, and I gather a few came at watched for the day- it also meant no issues getting the use of the Glen Murray Hall and the pits paddock.

We were fortunate to have so many volunteers for the day, to help make it run smoothly as possible- thanks to them all!

Having the level of entries we did was great- and helped make a real success of the day.

Thanks to all the competitors, crews and supporters who supported the day- and supported the local Playgroup by buying their delicious food. How good were those bacon and egg rolls and the lamb rolls??

Well done to all the winners and placegetters- all the best for next events- whether it is Rally Otago, the next CPS Rally Sprint event or all the other happenings. We hope to see you at our next event- The Rodney Atchison Memorial Hill Climb at Kemp Rd.

A Committee Focus

Meetings held: Tuesday, March 12th & 26th

A focus on upcoming Bothwell Loop rally sprint, the pre-event meeting is run prior to the event to spotlight every aspect of the running of the day & ensure there are no shortfalls

A debrief meeting is also held post event, both meetings comparing previous years notes with a focus on areas of improvement

The implementation of timecards helps set the bar high for our competitors



keep up with submission dealines…



The organising team were dubious about competitor numbers however very happy with the end result and the team efforts in the running of the day

Review & approve event exps for payment including some historic STMS exps

General club planning will commence with next meeting, incl progress with the Rodney Atchison Memorial Hill Climb at Kemp Rd planned for May & club members preparing to attend the MSNZ AGM on 24-25 May in Christchurch

Also any other general matters will be discussed at the next meeting

Fundraiser Motorkhana 9-Mar-24


The Ararimu Residents & Ratepayers / PCC motorkhana event was held at an Ararimu address with great participation. Competitors enjoyed 3 courses on offer, a display vehicle area, hot food for lunchtime and plenty of fantastic prizes.

The minis were out dominating on the day – so awesome to see! By far the more nimble of the course vehicles.

These are excellent low-key events, great for our younger drivers learning to drive, with hands on experience in a relaxed environment. Younger drivers did add to the mix of people driving on the day, one perhaps almost needing a pillow to sit on to see over the steering wheel.

Note from Ararimu Residents and Ratepayers – On behalf of the Ararimu R&R I want to thank you for all your help and organisation with the recent Motorkhana, the Pukekohe Car Club ensured the day was successful and we have had nothing but positive feedback about it. We really appreciated all your advice, your assistance with the paperwork requirements and all the setting up of the various courses throughout the day.  I hope you will consider running events with us again in the future as it seems the local community would love to repeat the day, and several who missed out are super keen to come next time! Please pass our thanks to the club members and we look forward to working with you all again. Kind regards, Siobhan Shackleton, Ararimu R&R

So awesome to get this kind of feedback, let’s sign up the next event I say before Winters chill creeps in!

If you know any kids engaged in the ‘learning to drive’ process, this experience is second to none to help them practise in a safe environment.

Keep posted on the next PCC motorkhana & join us

Kemp Road

In the heart of the Awhitu Peninsula lies Kemp Road, a tarmac two lane road off the main Awhitu Road that snakes its way up to the Awhitu Central Hall – a meeting place of the locals.

This iconic road lies a stones throw away from Rodney’s old homestead, which sits proud on the hilltop. Rodney was a lifelong member of the club and this is his road.

Amongst the many roads Rodney enjoyed, including other favourite, Port Waikato-Waikaretu Road in Port Waikato – this road and this event will be synonymous with a man who spent almost a lifetime involved with Pukekohe Car Club.

The club is proud to announce the event as the Rodney Atchison Memorial hillclimb at Kemp Road and we are excited to work the local community to allow this event to run.

Penned for Sunday 26th May, look out for the event regulations soon.

What a special event!

Emma Gilmour

Femme favourite Emma Gilmour teams up with Katrina Renshaw to contest the full New Zealand Rally Championship, running with Raddon Racing Group.

Round 1 – Rally of Otago, 12-14 April

Round 2 – South Canterbury Rally, 11 May
Round 3 – Southern Lights Rally, 22 June

Round 4 – Daybreaker Rally, 14 Sept

Round 5 – Rally Bay of Plenty, 5 Oct

Round 6 – International Rally of Whangarei, 8-10 Nov