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Speed Weekend – Nov 23/24

Annual PCC event weekend consisting of a tarmac hill climb on the Saturday and a gravel hill climb on Sunday

2019/2020 All Clubs Event Calendar

28/09/19 MBOP Day/Night Sprint R2, TECT Park 

29/09/19 SACC Autocross Andrew Hawkeswoods, Whitford, Gravel

29/09/19 TVCC Golden Cross Hillclimb, Tarmac

29/09/19 MBOP Motokhana & Autocross, Baypark Stadium Pits

06/10/19 NCC Doctors Hill Road Hillclimb, Tarmac Interclub Hillclimb Series R2

19/10/19 Rally of New Zealand HCC Rally Waitomo

27/10/19 MBOP Hillclimb Te Puke Quarry Road, Tarmac

28/10/19 TVCC South Road Hillclimb

03/11/19 SACC James Allen Memorial Rallysprint, Maramaura Forest, Gravel

03/11/19 NCC Crows Nest Road Hillclimb, Gravel 

10/11/19 HCMC Pritchard Road Hillclimb, Gravel Interclub Hillclimb Series R3

17/11/19 SACC Autocross Andrew Hawkeswoods, Whitford, Gravel

17/11/19 TVCC Goble Road Hillclimb, Gravel 

17/11/19 MBOP Tarmac Hillclimb, Leslie Road, Tarmac – R1 MBOP Hillclimb Challenge  

Pukekohe Car Club Speed Weekend
23/11/19 PCC Tarmac Hillclimb – Kemp Road, Awhitu – Interclub Hillclimb Series R4
24/11/19 PCC Gravel Hillclimb, Murray Road, Pukekawa

24/11/19 MBOP Stanley Road Hillclimb, Gravel 

01/12/19 TVCC South Road Hillclimb, Gravel

01/12/19 NCC Paiawa Road Bentsprint, Gravel 

08/12/19 SACC Hillclimb, Maramarua Forest, Gravel – Interclub Hillclimb Series R5

26/01/20 NCC Kaiikanui Road Hillclimb, Gravel 

02/02/20 NCC Ruarangi Road Rallysprint, Gravel